Silicone Touch Mood Light




Kakao Friends, silicon touch mood light that brightens up when you touch a cute ball.
Figure that can be used as a mood light at night and as an interior accessory during the day.
Let's spend a day together with cute and lovely Apeach mood lights!

✔ Touchable level 3 brightness control - Tap tap! You can adjust the brightness to three levels with a simple touch operation.
✔ Soft silicone material - Made of silicone, it is safe and has excellent shape retention, so it quickly returns to its original form even after touching.
✔ USB Power Battery Combined - You can also open the bottom cap to use three AAA-sized batteries (1.5 V), or connect a USB 5-pin cable to the USB port located at the bottom of the back. (Battery sold separately)

⭐ Component: Moodlight Body, USB 5-pin Cable

✨ Precautions for Handling ✨
1. Do not use the product for anything other than its original purpose.
2. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by not following precautions.
3. If the product has a severe fever, stop using the product for a while.
4. Do not arbitrarily disassemble, deform, or repair the product.
5. It's an electric product, so please refrain from firearms or moisture when using it.
6. Please refrain from using the product with wet hands as it can cause fire or electric shock.